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A very creative design company.

We are a down-to-earth design company with a can-do approach. We take time to get to know our clients, ensuring we completely understand their brand or business and what their visions are. This results in creative projects that have been tailored to a client’s exact needs.

Empire Graphic Designs was founded 11 years ago under the name of “Graphic Designs by Inspiration”. The small business started its operations in 2007 from the U.S. Virgin Islands, and has expanded since to other cities and states of the US and West Indies, serving a diverse national and international client base. Graphic Designs by Inspiration reinvented itself under the state of Florida in January 2017 and renamed as Empire Graphic Designs, Inc.

We believe and work towards the uniqueness of an idea, engage consumers, communicate brand culture, and opening the gateway to higher revenues. Through collaboration and in-depth consultation, we deliver expert branding, creative design, promotional videos, brand communication, website & digital marketing services to help businesses achieve their potential in a cost-effective manner that offers a good ROI (Return On Investment) and an enhanced brand equity.

Our young and energetic team’s unique approach to brands and their market distinguishes us from the rest. We believe the key lies in understanding people, brands and being creative enough to make people stand up and take notice. Generating an out-of-the-box idea and executing it accurately is our expertise. Our team ensures that your brand is seamlessly merged across relevant media. 

Our procedure is straightforward and steadfast: Simply convey your requirements to us and witness our experienced team speedily provide premium value-added services – every time. Whatever your business may be – a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a startup, a government agency or an established enterprise – we can help you – all the time. 


We listen to our clients. We understand what they need, what they want to achieve and work with them to establish the best possible creative and strategic route for their project.


What a client asks for is the bare minimum we provide. With each project we offer and suggest creative routes and strategies that a client may never have considered.


We have developed many strong, long-term relationships and friendships with many of our national and international clients and take great joy in becoming their ‘creative go-to’.

If you’d like to find out more, have a project in mind or just fancy saying ‘hello’, please get in touch. The posh coffees are on us!
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